Canned Tuna

November 3rd, 2015

JLO Looks Like A Hot MILF (Lainey Gossip)
Let Those Big Boobs Hang! (The Chive)

Heidi Klum’s Jessica Rabbit Costume Is Goddamn Terrifying (The Superficial)
Gwen Stefani‘s New Groove (An Ode to “Get it, Girl”) (Fishwrapper)

Bai Ling Wins Best Sexiest Slutty Costume! (DLISTED)
Kate Beckinsale Is Still Hot And Alive (Moe Jackson)

Jennifer Lawrence Gets Down And Dirty, And Busty, And Curvy, Oh My! (Popoholic)
Miranda Kerr Is Naked In The Shower (IDLYITW)

I’m In Love Victoria Justice (Egotastic)
Sad Looking Slutty Halloween Celebs (WWTDD)

Canned Tuna

November 2nd, 2015

Salma Hayek In The Hottest Non Costume (DLISTED)
The Hottest Selfies Of The Weekend! (The Chive)

Jennifer Lawrence‘s Hotness Immortalized (Lainey Gossip)
Leah Remini And JLo Ruined Space Jesus’ Wedding (The Superficial)

Instagram Mom Shows Off Fit Body (Fishwrapper)
Charlotte McKinney Is A Slutty Instagram Model For Halloween (Moe Jackson)

Jessica Lowndes As A Sexy Vampire In Naughty Lingerie For Halloween (Popholic)
Mmm.. Casey Batchelor‘s Side Boob (Egotastic)

Dianna Agron Topless Finally (WWTDD)

Canned Tuna

October 30th, 2015

Now That’s A Hot Position (The Chive)
Chloe Moretz Upset Over Bikini Chatter (WWTDD)

Taylor Swift Countersues The Radio DJ Who Was Accused Of Groping Her (Dlisted)
Olivier Martinez Is Fucking Terrified of Halle Berry, As He Should Be (The Superficial)

Kendall Jenner Shows Us a Bendy, High-Contrast Future (Fishwrapper)
Charlize Theron In Sexy Wet Metal (Lainey Gossip)

Kate Upton In A See Through Top (Moe Jackson)
Charlotte McKinney Gets Cleavagy, And Leggy, And Bootylicious In Her Civilian Disguise (Popoholic)

Ariana Grande Dropped A Sexy Video (IDLYITW)
Elsa Hosk In Naughty Lingerie (Egotastic)

Canned Tuna

October 29th, 2015

I Love Courtney Stodden (Fishwrapper)
Hot Chicks In Bed. Not My Bed, Sadly (The Chive)

Taylor Swift‘s Hotness Can’t Be Stopped (Lainey Gossip)
Gisele Bundchen In Sexy Leotards (Egotastic)

Russell Brand Trashes His Life With Katy Perry In A Documentary About Him (Dlisted)
Nina Agdal Bent Over Like A Good Model (The Superficial)

Kate Upton In See Through Top (Moe Jackson)
New Mom Rachel Bilson Looking Uber Cute And Ultra Busty (Popoholic)

Halle Berry Has Already Gone Batshit (IDLYITW)
Drew Barrymore Braless (WWTDD)

Canned Tuna

October 28th, 2015

Mmm… This Chick Is Sot Hot, She Burns! (The Chive)
Pia Mia Perez In Sexy Hooker Boots (Egotastic)

Love It or Leave It: Cougar Kylie‘s Pert Posterior (Fishwrapper)
Surprise! Hally Berry Is Single! (Lainey Gossip)

Supergirl Heard Jeb Bush Wants To Bang Her (The Superficial)
Demi Lovato Got Upstaged By A Big Dick (DLISTED)

Alessandra Ambrosio In Short Shorts (MoeJackson)
Kate Upton Busts Out A Mega Bosom Show! (Popoholic)

Pamela Anderson Tits For Critters (WWTDD)
Emma Stone Really Is Single (IDLYITW)

Canned Tuna

October 26th, 2015

The Rumor That Jay Z Had An Affair With Rihanna Was Made Up By Their Publicist (DLISTED)
Sexy Wide Lady Gap (The Chive)

Jessica Biel In A Black Sexy Dress (Lainey Gossip)
Kylie Jenner Is Here To Distract Us From Lamar Now (The Superficial)

Porn Star Kim Kardashian Is Fat And Preggers (Fishwrapper)
Bella Thorne In Skin Tight Pants (Moe Jackson)

Kendall Jenner Still Hates Wearing Bras! (Popholic)
Mmm.. Busty Asian Hottie (Egotastic)

Miley Cyrus Thong For James Franco’s Bar Mitzvah (WWTDD)

Canned Tuna

October 23rd, 2015

Underboob Rules!(The Chive)
Kendall Jenner Boobs Seems Pierced (WWTDD)

Kanye Made Everyone Dress Up As A Knocked Up Porn Star (Dlisted)
Jeb Bush Promises To Bang That New Supergirl If Elected (The Superficial)

CoCo And Her HUGE Boobs(Fishwrapper)
Beyonce‘s Glorious Cleavage (Lainey Gossip)

Jessica Alba Does Miami In Style (Moe Jackson)
Rachel Bilson Looking Like The Most Adorable Celebrity Mom Part XXVII (Popoholic)

Let’s Talk About Jessica Lowndes’ Instagram For A Sec (IDLYITW)
Zendaya Coleman In A Little Bikini (Egotastic)

Canned Tuna

October 22nd, 2015

When All You Have Are Boobs, You Become One (Fishwrapper)
Such An Amazing Booty! (The Chive)

Kristen Stewart Needs To Sex It Up (Lainey Gossip)
Brooke Perry Is One Hot Piece (Egotastic)

Beyonce Gave You “Chrissy Snow As A Gangster’s Moll” Last Night (Dlisted)
Damn! Amanda Lee Has An Insane Booty (The Superficial)

Paige Butcher Is Some Tasty Arm Candy (Moe Jackson)
Jessica Lowndes Drops Some Insanely Sexy Cleavage… WOW! (Popoholic)

Jay Z And Beyonce Split In 2005 Because Of Rihanna (IDLYITW)
Zendaya Body Shames Herself (WWTDD)

Canned Tuna

October 20th, 2015

Taylor Swift Does Ryan Adams (Lainey Gossip)
Let Those Boobies Breathe (The Chive)

Robin Thicke’s 19-Year-Old Girlfriend Is Hot (The Superficial)
Courtney Stodden‘s Juicy Booty (Fishwrapper)

Madonna And Sean Penn Might Be Boning Like It’s The 80s Again (DLISTED)
Kesha Got Fat!(Moe Jackson)

Ashley Benson Busty And Braless And Fresh Out Of The Shower (Popoholic)
Hottie Olivia Culpo Did Esquire Mexico (IDLYITW)

Ciara‘s Hot Sweaty Boobs (Egotastic)
April Love Geary In A Bikini (WWTDD)

Canned Tuna

October 16th, 2015

Selfie Goodness! (The Chive)
Rich Actresses Backing Jennifer Lawrence (WWTDD)

Taylor Swift Is HIGHLY Offended Over Being Called “Calculating” (Dlisted)
So Miley Cyrus Is Having Orgies Now (The Superficial)

Demi Lovato is Just Too Pretty for This (Fishwrapper)
Emilia Is Sexy, Esquire Is Bullsh-t (Lainey Gossip)

Jessica Alba Works The Streets (Moe Jackson)
Megan Fox Unleashes Her Red Hot And Flawless Beauty (Popoholic)

Beyonce Is Apparently 37 (IDLYITW)
Victoria Justice In A Bikini (Egotastic)

Canned Tuna

October 15th, 2015

Taylor Swift Does GQ Good! (Fishwrapper)
Enjoy Some Red-Hot Redheads (The Chive)

Diane Kruger Is Leggy Goodness (Lainey Gossip)
Victoria’s Secret Hotties Take A Bikini Vacation (Egotastic)

Miley Cyrus Wants To Do A Show Totally Naked, So Preorder Now (Dlisted)
Damn! Dalia Elliott Is Lingerie Perfection (The Superficial)

Janel Parrish Shows Off Her Bikini Body (Moe Jackson)
Olivia Wilde In Skin-Tight Jeans? Yes Please! (Popoholic)

Here’s The Two Prostitutes Who Found Lamar Odom (IDLYITW)
Tamara Ecclestone Is One Seriously Hot MILF (WWTDD)

Canned Tuna

October 14th, 2015

Mmm… Slippery When Wet (The Chive)
No Bra, No Problem!! (Egotastic)

Stop Comparing The Hadid Sisters. Gigi Is Hotter (Fishwrapper)
Rita Ora Is In A Sexy Cat-fight! (Lainey Gossip)

The Khaleesi Is Esquire’s The Sexiest Woman Alive 2015 (The Superficial)
Lamar Odom Found Unconscious At A Brothel In Nevada (DLISTED)

AnnaLynne McCord Works It For The Teens (MoeJackson)
Dakota Fanning In Fishnet Stockings? Yes Please! (Popoholic)

Selena Gomez No Bra for #NoBraDay (WWTDD)
Anne Hathaway Is A Wonderful Person (IDLYITW)

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