Canned Tuna

May 24th, 2018

Now This Is A Mess (TMZ)
Ariana Grande Isn’t Here For Anyone Blaming Her Ex’s DUI On Her (DLISTED)

Bella Thorne Almost Bares All (TooFab)
Emmanuelle Chriqui Ultra Sexy, Cleavagy, Busty, Curvy, And Bootylicious, Oh My! (Popoholic)

Emrata Goodness (MoeJackson)

Paris’ Crazy Behavior Costing Her Relationship With Cara (WWTDD)
Olivia Culpo Spotted In Sexy Crotch-Hugging Yoga Pants (Egotastic)

Canned Tuna

May 21st, 2018

Kendall Jenner Does France In A Swimsuit (TMZ)
Hottest Billboard Moments (TooFab)

Open Post: Hosted By The Miley Cyrus Of Squirrels (DLISTED)
Taylor Swift Unveils Her Curvier Curves And Her Sexier Legs (Popoholic)

Victoria Justice Is Beautiful (MoeJackson)

Bella Thorne Releases New Songs, Including “B*tch I’m Bella Thorne” (WWTDD)
Shannon Barker Turns Heads In Sexy Black Thong (Egotastic)

Canned Tuna

May 11th, 2018

Olivia Culpo‘s Sexy vacation (TMZ)
Pamela Anderson Has Penned A Letter To Kanye West Asking Him To Support Julian Assange (DLISTED)

Rihanna Sizzles (TooFab)
Amber Heard Busts Out All Of Her Sexy (Popoholic)

Victoria Justice’s Leg Show (MoeJackson)

Emily Ratajkowski Tells Us “What Feminism Is About” (WWTDD)
New Zealand Model Amy Lee Summers Busting Out Of Her Tiny Bikini (Egotastic)

Canned Tuna

May 8th, 2018

Olivia Culpo Is A Super Hot Piece (TMZ)
Willow Smith Learned About Sex By Walking In On Her Parents (DLISTED)

Sexy Babes At The MET Gala (TooFab)

Victoria JusticeGoodness! (MoeJackson)
Miley Cyrus Flashing A Ton Of Braless Bosom And Booty Action (Popoholic)

Farrah Abraham’s Disgusting Ass Is Falling Off Beach Pics (WWTDD)
Hot Or Not? Katy Perry’s Sexy Long Hair Is Finally Back (Egotastic)

Canned Tuna

May 3rd, 2018

This Chick‘s Booty Is Not Normal (TMZ)
Kim Kardashian Is Scared People Will Think She Shares The Same Thoughts As Her Husband (DLISTED)

Old Lady Kylie Jenner On Te Beach (TooFab)
Ariel Winter Braless And Busting Out Her Ginormous Bosom (Popoholic)

Selena Gomez Cuteness (MoeJackson)

Xenia Deli Is A Goo Piece Od Meat (WWTDD)
Olivia Culpo and Cara Santana Make A Great Pair (Egotastic)

Canned Tuna

May 2nd, 2018

Guess Who Is Taking A Bath? (TMZ)
Tonya Harding Lives To See Another Week On “Dancing With The Stars” (DLISTED)

Kylie Talks Stormi’s Name (TooFab)
Anna Faris And Her Huge Braless Cleavage Is The Captain Now (Popoholic)

More Jessica Simpson Boobies (MoeJackson)

Selena Gomez – Keep Me In The Lupus (WWTDD)
Kim Petras Sparkly And Tight Bra Performing At Private Party (Egotastic)

Canned Tuna

May 1st, 2018

Yovanna Ventura Is Hot and Bootylicious (TMZ)
Ashley Judd Is Suing Harvey Weinstein For Damaging Her Career (DLISTED)

Eva Longoria and Anna Faris Make A Good Pair (TooFab)

Victoria JusticeGoodness! (MoeJackson)
Christina Hendricks Busts Out Her Epic Ginormous Bosom To The Max (Popoholic)

Ashley Judd – Help Me I’m Poor (WWTDD)
Model Nicole Scherzinger Pushes Up Her Sexy Cleavage For Restaurant Opening (Egotastic)

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