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Canned Tuna

January 31st, 2007

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Beyonce Knowles: Most Desirable Woman 2007

January 31st, 2007

Beyonce Knowles Pictures Beyonce Knowles Pictures

Tally of More Than 8.5 Million Online Votes Designates the Top “Fantasy Girlfriends” Budweiser Select Signs on for Second Year as Presenting Sponsor of the Annual Feature, the Internet’s #1 lifestyle site for men and one of the premier sites in the Fox Interactive Media (FIM) network, today unveiled its 7th annual Top 99 Most Desirable Women list, brought to readers by returning sponsor Budweiser Select. readers cast a record number of online votes this year ““ more than 8.5 million ““ to name the women who best embody the qualities of a “fantasy girlfriend.” Beyoncé Knowles, the famous singer turned actress, is the #1 Most Desirable Woman of 2007. Screen star Scarlett Johansson is the runner-up and actress Jessica Alba, last year’s #1 Most Desirable Woman, rounds out the top three.

I’m not sure if Beyonce Knowles‘s people paid to run subliminal “vote for Beyonce messages” on their site, but I can’t see how else she could have been chosen as the most desirable woman on Earth by their readers. Don’t get me wrong, she’s no dog, and I would surely place her on this list”¦ just not anywhere near the top, let alone #1! We all know Scarlett Johansson should have won this. And I can think of two big, round, juicy reasons why she’s much hotter than Beyonce.

Other hotties who made the list: 10) Elisha Cuthbert, 9) Angelina Jolie, 8 ) Maria Menounos, 7) Shakira, 6) Alessandra Ambrosio, 5) Jessica Biel, 4) Adriana Lima, 3) Jessica Alba, 2) Scarlett Johansson

*Visit to view the complete lists!

Beyonce Knowles Pictures Beyonce Knowles Pictures

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Gwen Stefani: Most Fashionable Celebrity Parent?

January 31st, 2007

Gwen Stefani Elle Pictures Gwen Stefani Elle Pictures

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have been named the most fashionable celebrity parents in a new poll. The couple topped the survey by baby product company Cosatto, beating Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt into second place. The Beckhams were third in the table, Madonna and Guy Ritchie polled fourth, while Jude Law and Sadie Frost completed the top five.

Ok, Gwen Stefani may look super hot in this Elle Magazine photo shoot but calling her and Gavin the most fashionable celebrity parents is a hard pill to swallow when the evidence against her paints a very different picture. You don’t have to look that hard to realize that Gwen has bad taste in clothing. You can see it for yourself in previous Hollywood Tuna posts here, here and here. Now I know she has her own fashion label that does well, but hey, people with no fashion sense have to buy clothes too right?

Gwen Stefani Elle Pictures Gwen Stefani Elle Pictures Gwen Stefani Elle Pictures Gwen Stefani Elle Pictures

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Who’s Fergie’s New Man?

January 31st, 2007

Fergie Jogging Pictures Fergie Jogging Pictures

The other day we saw Fergie out with boyfriend Josh Duhamel wearing the exact same outfit. So my question is who is this dude she’s running with now? Whoever he is, if I were Josh I’d be worried considering this guy exudes a certain animal magnetism that I’ve never seen before. On a side note, is it me or is Fergie beginning to look like Goldie Hawn? And I don’t mean a young Goldie Hawn.

Fergie Jogging Pictures Fergie Jogging Pictures Fergie Jogging Pictures Fergie Jogging Pictures

Fergie Jogging Pictures Fergie Jogging Pictures Fergie Jogging Pictures Fergie Jogging Pictures

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Canned Tuna

January 30th, 2007

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Being Fat Isn’t Tyra Bank’s Problem – Being Annoying Is

January 30th, 2007

Tyra Banks Fat Pictures Tyra Banks Fat Pictures

A Letter From Tyra:

Have y’all,

Ever typed in your name on Google just to see what comes up? I’ve done it before for fun, and have seen lots of articles and photos from my career come up. But after returning from Australia recently and coming home to phone calls asking me if I was OK, I was confused. What were they talking about?

Then I remembered my flight back from Australia. Why did that flight attendant look my thighs and butt up and down — and say, “Thank God! Thank God! They’re liars!!!” I just wasn’t getting it. I told myself I didn’t care, but I was having trouble sleeping that night so I got outta bed, went over to my computer, and Googled myself. This time I typed in “TYRA FAT” — and child, I had NO idea what was about to pop up on that screen. (continue)

This latest ploy by Tyra Banks to get more viewers to her crappy show just goes to show you how much she wants to be Oprah, but is really just a lesser version of Ricki Lake. Oprah enthralled a whole nation of fat housewives by focusing episode after episode on her fluctuating weight, so why can’t Tyra Banks? I’ll tell you why. People love Oprah, and at last check, Tyra Banks is regarded as being a raving maniac. Face it Tyra, those fat bikini pics in question definitely show that you put on a few pounds. I’m sure that on Feb. 1st you’ll show up with the best body money and starvation can buy, but it won’t change a thing. People will still write nasty things about you. You’re annoying and no diet can fix that.

Tyra Banks Fat Pictures Tyra Banks Fat Pictures Tyra Banks Fat Pictures Tyra Banks Fat Pictures


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Victoria Beckham Says No To Scientology

January 30th, 2007

Victoria Beckham Pictures Victoria Beckham Pictures

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s pal Victoria Beckham has been telling her firends she would never join the “Church of Scientology”. While Victoria is friends with TomCat, who are Scientologists, she insists she would never buy into that “nonsense”. According to the NY Daily News, Victoria told a pal: “There’s no way I’d spend any money on that nonsense,” regarding the ‘religion’.

Congratulations to Victoria Beckham for showing us that she’s not only hot, she also has a good head on her shoulders. I guess Tom Cruise will be disappointed that he won’t get a chance to take her for a tour of the mother ship, but hey, that’s life. Posh isn’t falling for their scam, and I’m proud of her for it. Sure Victoria‘s breasts may be out of this world, but her religious beliefs definitely aren’t.

Victoria Beckham Pictures Victoria Beckham Pictures Victoria Beckham Pictures Victoria Beckham Pictures

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Heather Graham’s Lesbian Comeback

January 30th, 2007

Heather Graham Pictures Heather Graham Pictures

Heather Graham plays a lesbian in new movie ‘Gray Matters’. The stunning actress is to portray a woman, Gray, who discovers she is gay after falling in love with her brother’s girlfriend. Heather’s same-sex love interest, Charlie, will be played by the beautiful Bridget Moynahan, who appeared alongside Will Smith in sci-fi thriller ‘I, Robot’. Heather said: “It’s sort of a romantic comedy. I realise I’m gay and come out of the closet.” The 36-year-old blonde star shares a number of passionate scenes with Bridget in the movie but insists she is “comfortable” getting steamy with another woman.

I have to hand to Heather Graham. I thought for sure her time as an A-lister was long gone, but by her getting a role to play a closet lesbian and having hot scenes with Bridget Moynahan is a brilliant move on her part. I mean, what better way to resurrect a career than girl on girl action. Screw Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan and even Scarlett Johansson. Heather Graham has just out done them all. Unless there are no nude scenes in this film, I take that back. However, this is the same girl who showed her hairy bush in “Boogie Nights” so I’m pretty sure we’ll be satisfied.

Heather Graham Pictures Heather Graham Pictures Heather Graham Pictures Heather Graham Pictures

Heather Graham Pictures Heather Graham Pictures Heather Graham Pictures

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Canned Tuna

January 29th, 2007

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Petra Nemcova Nipple Slip Picture

January 29th, 2007

Petra Nemcova Pictures Petra Nemcova Pictures

These pictures of Petra Nemcova may be old, but compared to the sleaze that’s making the rounds these days (for example, Paris Hilton‘s skanky life caught on film) seeing some grade-A supermodel nipple is quite refreshing. And unlike Paris Exposed, there’s no shame, guilt or disgust to be felt after viewing. On the contrary, it leaves you with a general sense of well being. All hail the nipple slip, nature’s cure-all.

Petra Nemcova Pictures

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