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Canned Tuna

February 28th, 2007

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Britney Spears Borrows Bikini From Stranger & Then Gets Drunk. No Joke

February 28th, 2007

Britney Spears Bikini Picture

Before checking in to Promises rehab center in Malibu for the second time, Britney Spears enjoyed a strange, bewildered day with two new friends. Bright and early on February 17, a newly bald Spears arrived at L.A.’s chic Mondrian hotel, ready to catch some rays. But the star was denied a room due to lack of credit cards or cash. By 11 a.m., an undeterred Spears, 25, had stripped down to a bra and panties poolside, then shaved her legs in the pool bathroom. “It was sad,” says a source. “It looked like she really needed a friend.” She got two ““ at least for a few hours. Around noon, Spears (then in a blonde wig) began chatting up a woman in the bathroom, who offered to loan the pop star a bathing suit. Spears followed her new friend to her hotel room where — after changing into a borrowed bikini — she raided the minibar.

I know that doing yet another post on Britney Spears, and her problems is really beating a dead horse, but seeing as every other celeb seems to still be recovering from their Oscar hangover, this is all I could find today.

Britney‘s life is getting pretty sad. I’m sure that swanky hotel is used to celebs breezing in for a room, without any form of payment. Recognition alone could probably get them free stays if needed. Not Britney. It just goes to show you that she’s definitely not wanted on the premises. How can someone who was at the top of their game just a few short years ago now be reduced to shaving their legs in public bathrooms, borrowing bikinis from strange girls and then cleaning out their mini bar. If there’s a joke somewhere to be found in all of this, it eludes me.

Britney Spears Bikini Pictures

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Keeley Hazell: Cause We Can’t Get Enough Of Her

February 28th, 2007

Keeley Hazell Pictures

The people at Zoo Weekly are geniuses. They manage to get Keeley Hazell to pose for them, like almost every single week. Other men’s magazines should take note. While you guys are out there trying to find the latest “It” girl, Zoo Weekly is giving her to us consistently. Anyway, this issue is called “Keeley Goes To Hollywood“. Unfortunately, it’s not called “Keeley Goes To My Bedroom” but who knows, maybe with all this free publicity I’m giving Zoo Weekly, that will be the next issue. One could only wish!

Keeley Hazell Pictures Keeley Hazell Pictures Keeley Hazell Pictures Keeley Hazell Pictures

Keeley Hazell Pictures

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Lindsay Lohan’s Future Is Shaky

February 28th, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Pictures Lindsay Lohan Pictures

Lindsay Lohan made sure she didn’t miss out on the post-Oscar partying – but admitted it gave her “the shakes”.The 20-year-old actress is fresh out of a 30 day stint attending rehab for alcohol dependency, but has got straight back into the LA party scene, and found it impossible to resist Sunday night’s A-List festivities.However, the Daily Mirror reports a worried Lindsay was heard telling pals at Patrick Whitesell’s bash, “Oh my God I’ve got the shakes, it won’t stop!”

I’m not sure if Lindsay Lohan was just nervous being in a room full of her peers sober for once, or if she was actually suffering from alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Either way she’s still a moron for putting herself in a situation where there’s a good chance she’ll end up smelling like Jack Daniels and vomit by the end of the night. I’ve seen bowling balls with more willpower than this chick. At least she still looks hot, but how much longer will that last? About as long as her movie career if she doesn’t smarten up.

Lindsay Lohan Pictures Lindsay Lohan Pictures Lindsay Lohan Pictures Lindsay Lohan Pictures

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Canned Tuna

February 27th, 2007

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WTF!!! Kimberly Stewart: World’s Most Eligible Bachelorette!?

February 27th, 2007

Carmen Electra Pictures Carmen Electra Pictures

Kimberly Stewart has been voted the world’s most eligible bachelorette by FHM magazine. The 27-year-old blonde, the daughter of rocker Rod Stewart, topped the poll voted for by FHM magazine readers. The leggy hell raiser saw off stiff competition from former ‘Baywatch’ babe Carmen Electra, who came second, and Britain’s Princess Beatrice, 18, who claimed third position.

Either the readers of FHM have terrible taste in women, or Rod Stewart is getting so sick of Kimberly Stewart lounging around the house all day long doing nothing, that he paid to have her on top of this bogus list to help find her a man. These are the only two scenarios that could explain how Kimberly could come in at #1.

The survey was based on wealth as well as looks, which could explain why Jenna and Barbara Bush, the 25-year-old twin daughters of US President George W. Bush, polled in 17th and 18th place respectively.

Ok I’ll admit the Kim is rich, but strikes out big time in the looks department! Don’t believe me? Have a look at this, this and this. The only list she should be topping is the one which ranks celebs most likely to be mistaken for scarecrows. Anyway, at least Carmen Electra came in second, so here’s some of her hotness to clear Kim from your memory banks.

Carmen Electra Pictures Carmen Electra Pictures Carmen Electra Pictures Carmen Electra Pictures

Carmen Electra Pictures Carmen Electra Pictures Carmen Electra Pictures Carmen Electra Pictures

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Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Breasts Redeem Her Less Than Perfect Lower Half

February 27th, 2007

Jennifer Love Hewitt Pictures Jennifer Love Hewitt Pictures

Ok it’s not often that I say something regrettable here on the site, but I’ll admit that my previous comments about Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s thunder thighs were uncalled for. What’s with the change of heart you may be asking? Simply put, these latest pictures of her ample bosom easily cancel out any less than perfect memories I may have of her lower half. There’s nothing like a solid pair of breasts to wipe the slate clean and start from fresh. Welcome back to my good book JLH!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Pictures Jennifer Love Hewitt Pictures Jennifer Love Hewitt Pictures Jennifer Love Hewitt Pictures

Jennifer Love Hewitt Pictures Jennifer Love Hewitt Pictures Jennifer Love Hewitt Pictures Jennifer Love Hewitt Pictures

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What’s Happening To Rose McGowan?

February 27th, 2007

Rose McGowan Pictures Rose McGowan Pictures

I don’t know what’s happening in Hollywood but it seems as though celebrities are no longer eating carbs and I’m concerned. And for me to be concerned is a big deal because I love skinny chicks (skinny, healthy chicks like Adriana Lima)! Now a few month’s ago we saw Rose McGowan at the Spike TV’s “Scream Awards 2006″ looking like a character from the Adam’s Family and not much has changed, except this time she has what appears to be a black eye. So what’s up with Rose? I hope all is OK, because her breasts still look fantastic but I have a feeling that those are going to be gone soon too if there isn’t some kind of intervention.

Rose McGowan Pictures Rose McGowan Pictures Rose McGowan Pictures Rose McGowan Pictures

Rose McGowan Pictures Rose McGowan Pictures Rose McGowan Pictures Rose McGowan Pictures

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Canned Tuna

February 26th, 2007

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What’s Happening To Jenna Jameson?

February 26th, 2007

Jenna Jameson Pictures Jenna Jameson Pictures

I’ll keep this brief, because I really don’t think it’s necessary for me to get into specifics about everything that’s wrong with these pictures of Jenna Jameson. You all have eyes, and can see for yourselves that she’s not the same shining porn star that we all fell in love with a decade ago. Anyway, Jenna if you’re reading this, I’m pleading with you to please put some weight back on. You’re way too skinny, and it worries me. Seeing you in this condition may do irreparable damage to my one right handed love life.

Jenna Jameson Pictures Jenna Jameson Pictures Jenna Jameson Pictures Jenna Jameson Pictures

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