Eliza Dushku Nude In Allure’s “Naked Truth”

April 13th, 2009

Here's Eliza Dushku posing buck naked for Allure Magazine’s “Naked Truth” photoshoot. She looks pretty hot for a change, not as hot as Padma Lakshmi but she'll do. If they're going to take the time to airbrush out her nipple they could have gotten rid of that shitty tattoo. It probably says something like 'don't be such a dushku' or 'your mama's a dushku' because her name sounds a lot like douche... You see, it's a shitty play on words. Related Articles: Eliza Dushku's Tongue Is Super Long Eliza Dushku Picture Moment Obey Eliza Dushku's Breasts! Eliza Dushku Maxim Magazine Pictures