I’m Obsessed With Beyonce’s Breasts

April 24th, 2009

Obviously the title to this post is pretty lame but the message comes across the way I had hoped, they can't all be award winners. Anyhow, here's Beyonce at the Obsessed premiere the other night showing off a couple of her many talents. I'm not going to see this movie because the images in my head of Beyonce and Ali Larter catfighting are much hotter than anything a film maker could produce. I'll give you a hint, there's a midget and at least on stick of butter involved. 17 more pictures of Beyonce Knowles here Related Articles: Beyonce's Armpits Need A Shave Beyonce Knowles' Unitard Gets A Workout Beyonce's "Groundbreaking" Performance Beyonce Flashes Her Curves Photos: Flynet