Cheryl Tweedy Is #1 Again!

April 27th, 2009

FHM came out with their top 10 Sexiest Women In The World list and guess who they chose as #1? Yes, Cheryl Tweedy! Gee, I wonder who else chose Cheryl Tweedy as their #1 just 4 months ago? Once again, Hollywood Tuna is ahead of the pack. I’m not bitter, Cheryl is in fact the hottest women in the world and I’m sure more men’s magazines will follow suit when they do their own cheesy top ten lists. Or until I get tired of her and find another #1 which I might do cause now Cheryl is no longer my hidden gem. Related Articles: Cheryl Tweedy In Tight Leather Pants! Cheryl Tweedy, I Love You Forever Cheryl Tweedy Is A Major Disappointment Cheryl Tweedy Provides Some Sexy Comic Relief Photos: Flynet