Ashley Tisdale Upskirt Pictures

June 8th, 2009

It was just a matter of time before nobody Ashley Tisdale would have to resort to an upskirt to get some attention. She's wearing undies but it still counts. Her first upskirt, mom and dad must be so proud, that's one for the scrapbook. Apparently she's the new face for 'Puerco Espin', which I think it means porcupine. I guess I can see that, her face kinda looks like a porcupines, but I don't get why they need a spokesperson. Maybe they feel they've been misunderstood all these years. I bet they're not pleased about the upskirt, I hear they're a pretty conservative bunch. Related Articles: Ashley Tisdale's Ass In A Bikini Ashley Tisdale Bikini Pictures Ashley Tisdale Is Hooker Chic Ashley Tisdale's Boots Weren't Made For ... Photos: Bauer-Griffin