McDonald’s Has Internet!

August 24th, 2005

Caprice Maxim Caprice Maxim

You won’t believe this! I’m in McDonald’s with my notebook. I was busy all day and was hungry so I decided to eat this shit. It’s a new McDonald’s and when I walked in, I see all these people with their notebooks. Fucking geeks! Anyhow, I wasn’t planning on doing work but there’s this girl sitting at the other table eyeing me like a champ. She’s wearing the smallest mini skirt. Hmm…I’m not sure if she is wearing panties. I’m trying to look without being creepy. Anyhow, she has olive color skin and blue blue eyes. Man she’s so fucking fine. She looks like a hot Jessica Alba! If she looks at me again, I am going to talk to her……. Yup, she looked. I am going. Wish me luck. Here’s Caprice for you perverts. Stay Tuned.

Caprice Maxim Caprice Maxim Caprice Maxim