Alyssa Milano’s Furry Arms Induce Fantasies

September 1st, 2006

Alyssa Milano Pictures Alyssa Milano Pictures

Here are some new pictures of Alyssa Milano showing off another outfit from her new women’s baseball clothing line Touch. Obviously, whatever Alyssa wears is going to look good unless the outfit doesn’t cover her hairy arms. From the looks of it, this number doesn’t. I fear my obsession with Alyssa and her furry arms is escalating to unhealthy extremes. You see, lately I’ve been having this fantasy where we would be in a Jacuzzi and I’d lather her arms with the finest oatmeal based shaving cream, then I would take a quadruple blade razor and proceed in shaving them completely bare. If you think this sounds twisted I better not tell you the second part to this fantasy because it involves industrial wax and pigeons.

Alyssa Milano Pictures Alyssa Milano Pictures

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