Sophie Monk Nipple Slip?

September 19th, 2006

Sophie Monk Pictures Sophie Monk Pictures

You’re probably wondering who the hell this hottie is. Well her name is Sophie Monk and she’s dating Benji Madden, the guitarist from that Backstreet Boy rip-off group, Good Charlotte. Now, usually I would go into detail about how much a poser this guy is with his facial piercings and baggy pants that fail to cover his fat ass but that would be a waste of our time. What I want to discuss is Sophie‘s nipple slip, as seen in the first picture. Although it’s not the greatest of nipple slips and to be honest, I am a bit reluctant to call it one but after spending 20 long minutes debating it over with a colleague, I’ve given it the green light. That’s my opinion but I think this calls for someone with a little more breast experience than me. So ladies what do you think?

Sophie Monk Pictures Sophie Monk Pictures Sophie Monk Pictures Sophie Monk Pictures

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