Tara Reid’s New Implants?

September 22nd, 2006

Tara Reid Pictures Tara Reid Pictures

The ‘American Pie’ actress checked into a Beverly Hills clinic on September 7 to have her first set of implants replaced with smaller ones, according to In Touch Weekly magazine. Tara also allegedly had had some other cosmetic surgery carried out on her stomach to remove some unsightly marks caused by an earlier liposuction procedure. Tara is now recovering from the surgery at her home.

Well, judging from these pictures of Tara Reid at the Vintage LA 2006 fashion show, it doesn’t look like she had her breasts reduced. It also looks like she misplaced her hairbrush. And lastly, since I’m tired, and feel like being mean, I’ll point out that it looks like she must have forgotten to say “It’s 3am, time for my beauty sleep” after downing her 11th martini the night before. She looks worse than ever.

Tara Reid Pictures Tara Reid Pictures Tara Reid Pictures Tara Reid Pictures

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