The Sexy Transformation Of Cameron Diaz Continues

November 6th, 2006

 Cameron Diaz Pictures  Cameron Diaz Pictures

Cameron Diaz is signing up for rhinoplasty to repair her nose. The actress has broken her nose four times, including most recently when she came face to face with her surfboard while celebrating her 31st birthday in Hawaii. According to the New York Post, Diaz was so impressed with Ashlee Simpson’s nose job; she decided to contact Simpson’s doctor and booked an appointment.

Are my eyes deceiving me, or is that really Cameron Diaz doing her best Adriana Lima beach babe impression in this latest photo shoot from W Magazine?? I have to hand it to Cameron. In terms of sex appeal upgrade efforts, she’s the hardest working woman in Hollywood right now. This has been quite a transformation because a few months back I can actually remember thinking that her face reminded me of a pumpkin in a blond wig. Anyway, congratulations to her on the new sexy look. She should go ahead with that nose job though and while she’s at it, get some facial skin graphs for those acne scars. It’ll give those poor photoshop guys a lot less work.

 Cameron Diaz Pictures  Cameron Diaz Pictures  Cameron Diaz Pictures  Cameron Diaz Pictures

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