Fergie Does Tyra

November 7th, 2006

Fergie Pictures Fergie Pictures

Fergie was on the Tyra Banks show (a.k.a. “I want to be The Oprah Winfrey Show“) the other day performing her hit song “Fergalicious” and another tune from her album called “Finally.” Now loyal Tuna readers, a word of warning before listening: prepare to cringe. “Finally” is painfully bad and as for whoever wrote it (Fergie?), let’s just hope it’s their last attempt at penning a tune. Anyway, during the performance you’ll be shocked to see cute pictures and video clips of Fergie growing up which was a smart PR move on her part. How could any blogger make fun of her now after seeing what a cute little girl she was? Score one for Fergie.

acdc rocks Fergie Fergalicious Video
acdc rocks Fergie Finally Video

Fergie Pictures Fergie Pictures Fergie Pictures Fergie Pictures

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