Christina Aguilera & Jessica Simpson Get Friendly

November 15th, 2006

Christina Aguilera Pictures Christina Aguilera Pictures

Pop star Christina Aguilera was shocked during a recent hotel stay, when fellow hotel guest Jessica Simpson slipped a fan letter under her door. The 25-year-old was touched by Simpson’s words and says women in the music industry need to be supportive of one another. She explains:

“Recently, I was staying at a hotel when I got a letter from Jessica Simpson, who was in the penthouse across the hall. It was super complimentary.”

That sure was nice of Jessica Simpson. Is there any better way to show support than by a nice heartfelt letter? Actually there is! Jessica could have shown Christina Aguilera her appreciation via live webcam right there in that penthouse suite. I hear they come equipped with king sized beds, Jacuzzis and scented oils for rubdowns; all three of which they could have put to good use. Ok, so I’m daydreaming again, but can you blame me? I’m so used to seeing female celebs be bitches with each other, that at the first hint of friendliness, my mind goes into girl-on-girl mode. It’s not easy being man I tell ya!

Christina Aguilera Pictures Christina Aguilera Pictures Christina Aguilera Pictures Christina Aguilera Pictures

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