What Do You Get For The Man Who Has Everything? Jessica Biel

November 30th, 2006

Jessica Biel Pictures Jessica Biel Pictures

Actress Jessica Biel and Derek Jeter spent the weekend after Thanksgiving cozying up all over Las Vegas, according to New York newspapers and People.com. At the Tryst nightclub Saturday night, the pair snuck kisses at the VIP table they shared with Jeter’s Yankees teammates Alex Rodriguez and Jason Giambi.

It must be nice to be Derek Jeter. He’s captain of the NY Yankees. He’s won several World Series Championships. He makes millions of dollars. And, it seems that he’s managed to knock uglies with just about every hot assed starlet from Mariah Carey, to Jordana Brewster to Miss freakin’ Universe, Lara Dutta! Real rough life, let me tell you! As shitty as my life may be compared to his though, I always took comfort in the fact that neither him, nor I had ever seen Jessica Biel naked in person before. Checkmate Jeter, it seems you’ve bested me once again, and I hate you for it. Well have your fun with Jessica, see if I care. Let me just say this: As long as she’s by your side, your baseball career will fail miserably. Call it the Hollywood Tuna Curse. (Deliver Jessica to me, and I may lift it.)

Jessica Biel Pictures Jessica Biel Pictures Jessica Biel Pictures

Jessica Biel Pictures Jessica Biel Pictures

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