Jessica Simpson Gets Grounded!

December 8th, 2006

Jessica Simpson Pictures Jessica Simpson Pictures

Jessica Simpson’s mother gave Jess a verbal smackdown after her “embarrassing” rendition of “9 to 5” in front of Dolly Parton and President Bush at the Kennedy Center Honors last weekend, telling her that she should get out of the business if she doesn’t want to put in the work. Sources tell TMZ that Tina Simpson was furious with Jess after she flubbed lyrics, stood statue-still on stage while trying to hold her dress up, and then awkwardly hurried off with a few mumbled words to Parton. Tina told her daughter that the performance was “embarrassing” and “unprofessional”. Source

I think Jessica Simpson‘s mom should ease up a bit. I mean, it’s not like anyone pays attention to Jessica and her musical “talents”. The only reason she’s there is to stand up on stage, look pretty and show off her rack for TV ratings. That’s it. Plain and simple. You know it, I know it and Papa Joe knows it too. If anything Jess‘s mom should be upset that she managed to keep her dress from falling because let’s be honest that would have been the ultimate tribute to Dolly Parton.

Jessica Simpson Pictures Jessica Simpson Pictures Jessica Simpson Pictures

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