Tara Conner Is Out, I Want In

December 18th, 2006

Tara Conner Miss USA Pictures Tara Conner Miss USA Pictures

NEW YORK “” Miss USA pageant owner Donald Trump prepared to announce reigning queen Tara Conner’s fate in a press conference Tuesday, as reports of her alleged drug and alcohol abuse and indiscretions with men continued to surface. Conner, who turned 21 on Monday, reportedly tested positive for cocaine and moved out of her apartment in one of Trump’s luxury buildings on the Upper West Side late last week, according to local newspapers.

Rumors have swirled of Conner’s alleged cocaine snorting, promiscuity, binge drinking and even lesbian make-out sessions with Miss Teen USA Katie Blair, one of her roommates.

So this makes it pretty much official ““ Tara Conner is losing her title, and not just because she was a tad naughty in a club one night. Seems she’d been a regular party gal long before even leaving her small town in Kentucky and arriving in the Big Apple. Anyway, I can understand Trump‘s decision to give Tara the boot over the cocaine use, and the binge drinking. But I always thought promiscuity was the handiest tool these pageant girls had in their bag of tricks. What better way to win than to wish for world peace, and sleep with a few judges – something I’m sure The Donald can attest to. Sure she’s probably a drunken, shallow, drug addicted, attention seeking tramp, but she also has alleged regular public make out sessions with her roommate Miss Teen USA. I can only imagine, and drool over what went on behind closed doors in their apartment. Judged on this info alone, I say she keeps the crown for five more years”¦.no make it ten.

Tara Conner Miss USA Pictures Tara Conner Miss USA Pictures Tara Conner Miss USA Pictures Tara Conner Miss USA Pictures

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