Skinny Jessica Alba Shoots Off Her Big Fat Mouth

December 26th, 2006

Jessica Alba Pictures Jessica Alba Pictures

Los Angeles (eCanadaNow) – Proving once again that Hollywood is concerned about the body image of young women everywhere, one skinny actress (Alba) wants to be skinnier, at least that is what is being reported by In Touch magazine. She says:

“I have curves, but I don’t really like them. I wish I was skinnier and taller.”

Proving once again that female celebs should stay out of the role model business, here’s Jessica Alba spewing stupidities from that pretty little mouth of hers. Now most of you know that I prefer my women on the slim to skinny side, but even I have a limit to my pickiness.

I wonder if she realizes that 99% of women on planet Earth would tear their finger nails off with pliers to be able to look as good as she does on a bad day. That’s a rhetorical question obviously, which makes her comments all the more absurd. Jessica needs to be taught a lesson. She needs to be beaten up in a dark alley by a marauding gang of angry housewives who’ve never been on the happy side of 140lbs or never felt comfortable on the beach. That or she should be forced to spend 48hrs as my love slave. Either way, she’d be much more careful with her comments in the future.

Jessica Alba Pictures Jessica Alba Pictures Jessica Alba Pictures Jessica Alba Pictures

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