Carmen Electra Does Lonelygirl15

January 23rd, 2007

Carmen Electra Lonelygirl15 Video

I’m sure most of you heard about those Lonelygirl15 videos that were tricking perverted guys on Youtube a few months back. Well I’ve heard of them too, but never actually watched an episode. After seeing Carmen Electra‘s sexy video spoof on the subject, I doubt I ever will. There’s no way that the originals could ever compare to Carmen‘s version, so what’s the point. Besides, Lonelygirl15 videos are totally fake. On the other hand this is exactly how Carmen acts in real life. At least I’d love to think so.

acdc rocks Carmen Electra Does Lonelygirl15 Video

Carmen Electra At The GM Style Gala Show
Carmen Electra Pictures Carmen Electra Pictures Carmen Electra Pictures Carmen Electra Pictures

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