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January 29th, 2007

Jenna Jameson Pictures Jenna Jameson Pictures

In the wake of its purchase of Jenna Jameson’s Club Jenna Inc., Playboy Enterprises Inc. is set to give the famed U.S. porn star her very own TV channel. Entitled the Club Jenna Channel, the pay-per-view cable channel will focus entirely on Jameson’s body of work and adult-film offerings, the Arizona Republic reported.

All of you Jenna Jameson fans must be really happy (I know I am). Finally, we get access to Jenna‘s movies 24 hours a day. Sure, we can download all her flicks online any time we want, but now we get to jerk off to her like civilized men. Just like the good old days.

Like most of you horny bastards out there, I’m all onboard with a channel that features all-Jenna-all-the-time. Here’s my credit card, my firstborn child, and the deed to my house. Just give me Jenna porn!!!

The only problem I foresee is that this channel may redefine the word “redundant”. I mean, how many videos has Jenna really been in? Probably no more than 100, right? So let’s figure each movie is about 2 hours long. That means there’s only enough content for 200 hours of programming. Is that really enough? I’d have to say no”¦ but let’s be optimistic here: now she has a pipeline to fill (pun intended), so maybe that means she’s about to churn out a crap load of new movies. Let’s hope so.

Jenna Jameson Pictures Jenna Jameson Pictures Jenna Jameson Pictures Jenna Jameson Pictures

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