Lindsay Lohan Is Getting Blacklisted?

January 29th, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Pictures Lindsay Lohan Pictures

Hollywood stars Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman are apparently refusing to work with Lindsay Lohan, with the troubled actress becoming even more unpopular. The Mean Girls star created the wrong type of headlines again yesterday with her friend Sean Lennon criticising her for agreeing to star in a new film about his father John’s murderer, Mark Chapman. Now The Sun reports veterans Nicholson and Freeman have instructed their agents there is no way they would even consider working with Lohan.

I think it’s time for Lindsay Lohan to start really worrying. It looks like she’s been blacklisted in Hollywood. Not even Jack Nicholson, the biggest horndog in showbiz, wants anything to do with her! With Lindsay‘s career coming apart at the seams, I’d like to let her know that she can always star in one of my movies. They’re not big budget films ““ usually filmed in motel rooms, involving only one camera and contain minimal dialogue and a lot of nudity. But I think she’d be perfect for the role. The drunker the better too!

Lindsay Lohan Pictures Lindsay Lohan Pictures

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