Keeley Hazell For The Finish

February 16th, 2007

Keeley Hazell Pictures Keeley Hazell Pictures

It’s Friday, and Friday’s signify everything that’s right in this messed up world. Same goes for Keeley Hazell. She’s absolutely perfect, like I’m hoping my weekend will be. While we’re on the subject of the beautiful Keeley, I’d like to point out that I’m still waiting for a thank you note from her. Long before anyone in the US had ever heard of her, I was writing all kinds of flattering promo about her, not to mention awarding her “˜Hollywood Tuna’s Babe of the Year“! Then low and behold, she suddenly got some recognition in this country. Coincidence? I think not. Be smart, Keeley. Send me that letter, email, nude picture, whatever, but do it soon. I stopped writing about Stacy Keibler when she snubbed me, and no ones heard from her since. Hollywood Tuna is freaky like that.

Keeley Hazell Pictures Keeley Hazell Pictures Keeley Hazell Pictures Keeley Hazell Pictures

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