Lindsay Lohan’s Future Is Shaky

February 28th, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Pictures Lindsay Lohan Pictures

Lindsay Lohan made sure she didn’t miss out on the post-Oscar partying – but admitted it gave her “the shakes”.The 20-year-old actress is fresh out of a 30 day stint attending rehab for alcohol dependency, but has got straight back into the LA party scene, and found it impossible to resist Sunday night’s A-List festivities.However, the Daily Mirror reports a worried Lindsay was heard telling pals at Patrick Whitesell’s bash, “Oh my God I’ve got the shakes, it won’t stop!”

I’m not sure if Lindsay Lohan was just nervous being in a room full of her peers sober for once, or if she was actually suffering from alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Either way she’s still a moron for putting herself in a situation where there’s a good chance she’ll end up smelling like Jack Daniels and vomit by the end of the night. I’ve seen bowling balls with more willpower than this chick. At least she still looks hot, but how much longer will that last? About as long as her movie career if she doesn’t smarten up.

Lindsay Lohan Pictures Lindsay Lohan Pictures Lindsay Lohan Pictures Lindsay Lohan Pictures

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