Anne Hathaway Pretends To Be A Prude

March 6th, 2007

Anne Hathaway Pictures Anne Hathaway Pictures

Anne Hathaway dreads shooting love scenes in movies, because her male co-stars always try to molest her. With the exception of James McAvoy – her love interest in new movie Becoming Jane- the actress insists she always ends up fighting off over-amorous leading men. Hathaway tells British radio station Heart FM, “Sometimes you work with actors, and they can be lovely guys, but they have kind of dodgy instincts when it comes to kissing in scenes. “They want to try to make it look a bit too real if you know what I mean. “With James, right before we started he turned to me and said, ‘Closed mouths, no tongue!’ and that’s what I normally say to people so it was a pleasure.”

Wait a second here! Isn’t this the same Anne Hathaway that performed some pretty hardcore nude scenes in the movie Havoc? How can she complain about a little tongue getting slipped into that pretty mouth of hers when we all know she’s gotten down and dirty on film in the past. I sense an overbearing boyfriend is behind this sudden puritan attitude. I’ll say one thing, closed mouth kisses don’t win you an Oscar. And they don’t win any brownie points with your male costars. You think they’re in showbiz just for the money???

Anne Hathaway Pictures Anne Hathaway Pictures Anne Hathaway Pictures

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