Jordan Voted Mum Of The Year By Nasty British Media

March 15th, 2007

Katie Price Pictures Katie Price Pictures

Glamour girl Jordan was crowned Grattan Celebrity Mum of the Year today. Jordan, real name Katie Price, was chosen by the public and beat Jade Goody, Kate Moss and Heather Mills McCartney to the title.

There are no tabloids on planet Earth as nasty as the British ones. I’m wondering if Jordan realizes that they’ve just made her the butt of a pretty mean joke. In case you didn’t know, the mums she beat out are not exactly class acts! Let’s see, Kate Moss has a thing for doing cocaine on camera, and dating junkies. Heather Mills McCartney is an evil, money hungry bitch who probably abused Sir Paul with her peg leg. And Jade Goody is a reality TV star, and a racist one at that.

I feel bad for Jordan. She shouldn’t be lumped in with these broads. As far as I know she hasn’t done anything to turn the public against her yet ““ and piss poor singing performances don’t count. Instead, she’s easy on the eyes, loves dressing slutty and has a massive rack. Those are all great qualities for a faux-celeb if you ask me. See everyone? I have a soft side too.

Katie Price Pictures Katie Price Pictures Katie Price Pictures Katie Price Pictures

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