Kim Kardashian Is What Teens Want?

June 19th, 2007

Kim Kardashian Pictures Kim Kardashian Pictures

You know there’s something really wrong with society when a girl like Kim Kardashian is invited to a Nickelodeon event called “What Teens Want“. Now there’s no doubt in my mind that there are plenty of young boys who’d love to be the next costar in a Kim sex tape. The problem I have though isn’t the boys, it’s the impressionable young girls who tune into Nickelodeon and see Kim looked at as a role model. I hate to sound preachy, but when making sex tapes are the new fad or “cool” thing to do in high school, you’d think a TV station like Nickelodeon would be a little more responsible in choosing their guests. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good homemade video, but not when my 16 year old niece can potentially be in it.

*Update: It’s not Nickelodeon, it’s The N which is a nighttime network for teens.

Kim Kardashian Pictures Kim Kardashian Pictures Kim Kardashian Pictures

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