Fergie Flashes Her Ass?!

June 20th, 2007

Fergie Pictures Fergie Pictures

Fergie got up to a little Monkey Business on stage this weekend – by wiggling her bum to fans at the MuchMusic Video Awards. The cheeky singer flashed her rear during a performance at the Canadian ceremony, before taking home the Best International Video award for her single Fergalicious.

After I read this headline, I figured it would be worth checking out the actual video footage of her performance. So after a quick visit to Youtube I was all set for a few seconds of Fergie backside bliss. Well guess what!? There’s absolutely no butt cheek in this video and I feel totally ripped off! Sure, you catch a glimpse of her clothed ass, but that’s about as rare as Britney flashing her panties or Paris Hilton saying something retarded. I wanted to see some skin goddamnit! Anyway, maybe someone from the show saw an angle we missed here in TV land, and snapped a few pics. If so, email me them pronto!

Charlize Theron Pictures At The CineVegas Film Festival Award Ceremony Fergie MMVA Video

Fergie Pictures Fergie Pictures Fergie Pictures

Fergie Pictures Fergie Pictures Fergie Pictures

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