Vanessa Hudgens Nude?

September 6th, 2007

Vanessa Hudgens Pictures

From a couple of days ago:

Did Vanessa Hudgens take some stripped downs pics for Zac Efron? That is what a report that has been published in the National Enquirer claims and now a person may have them and is looking to cash in on the fame of the High School Musical star. The Enquirer has learned that a third party has obtained the sexy pictures that were meant just for Vanessa and Zac.

Here’s what the weekly magazine repots in this week’s blockbuster story: “Shooting into a mirror with her camera phone, she took photos of herself stripped except for a gold chain around her waist. She also photographed herself in the tub, blowing kisses ““ and sensuously pulling down her bikini bottom.”

Well, now a picture’s circulating that people seem to think is Vanessa Hudgens naked. I saw it, and honestly? I can’t tell. It’s probably not her, but there is a small resemblance. She’s in front of a mirror, like the Enquirer reported, but there’s no gold chain, so who knows? It’s really anybody’s guess at this point. Here’s the alleged picture. It’s very NSFW here in the US, but in the rest of the world it’s all good.

Vanessa Hudgens Pictures Vanessa Hudgens Pictures Vanessa Hudgens Pictures

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