Wanted For Destroying Music

November 7th, 2005

It’s my new mission to shovel out the shit in music. I won’t quit or tire until something is done with these no talent hacks. Here’s a list of the worst artists of the year and some ever. If you think someone is missing, let me know. If you disagree with me, get off my site and never come back because you have shit taste in music. What I say is the law!

Top 5 Artists Destroying Music Today
1) Ashlee Simpson
2) Lindsay Lohan
3) Good Charlotte
4) Hilary Duff
5) Pussycat Dolls

Honorable Mention: Simple Plan, Nickelback, Destiny’s Child, Jessica Simpson, Dr. Dre (not him as a musician but because he’s to blame for giving us Eminem and 50 Cent).

More to come soon…