Tori Spelling Tries To Stay Relevant

January 4th, 2011

First of all, I’m just as shocked as you are that I’m posting pictures of Tori Spelling, I’ve never understood how this chick became famous. That’s right, I forgot that her daddy was one of the biggest television producers of all time, that makes sense. Anyhow, here she is trying to give us some sexy pictures of her in the hot tub with her douche husband over the holidays. It’s not working sweetheart. She can lie in the snow in her bathing suit until she’s blue in the tits and we’re not going to find her sexy. Maybe if she shows us those weird breast implants we’ll have a look out of morbid curiosity, like seeing at a dead body or getting a close look at Fergie’s face. Ugh! I just got the shivers.

Tori Spelling Pictures  
Tori Spelling Pictures  

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