Kate Moss’ Career Cokes Up

December 14th, 2005

Kate Moss Comeback

It seems that Kate Moss herself is a potent drug. Not two months after several big fashion brands distanced themselves from the supermodel following tabloid allegations of cocaine abuse, the industry is proclaiming its undying love for Kate.(The Guardian)

If I were to give Kate Moss any advice, it would to be to give the fashion industry the middle finger. It didn’t bother me, like it bothered her employers that she did coke. Personally, there’s nothing sexier than a hot drugged up girl coming on to you. Yes, I know drugs are bad. That’s why you should never do them. However, if some hottie wants to kill herself doing it, she might as well be in my bed at the same time. It’s amazing what some girls will do for paid drugs.

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Kate Moss Comeback Kate Moss Comeback Kate Moss Comeback Kate Moss Comeback