Hollywood Tuna’s Top Ten Babes Of 2008 – #5 Lucy Pinder

January 6th, 2009

Lucy Pinder

Alright, we’ve made it to the halfway mark and at #5 we’ve got Lucy Pinder. You’re probably wondering why I ranked Lucy higher than her rival Keeley Hazell. It’s simple, she exposed her yorkshire puddings and even though she’s not as pretty as Keeley, that was a first for Lucy. So she gets extra credit for taking her tits out of the closet. However, she’ll have to do much more than that to keep her status up for next year. Like make a sex tape. Wait a sec, Keeley already has a sex tape. Grr… I may have to start this list all over again. JK.

Hollywood Tuna’s Top Ten Babes Of 2008

10- Keeley Hazell
9- Mila Kunis
8 – Marisa Miller
7- Sophie Monk
6 –Miranda Kerr
5- Lucy Pinder
4 through 1 – To be announced…

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