Megan Fox’s Sexy Ass Appears To Be Off The Market

March 9th, 2009

Come on! What is all this garbage? I was told that Megan Fox and that Brian Austin Douche had broken up like four times already and the path was clear for me to make my move, but here they are together out to lunch in Santa Monica the other day. Clearly this girl's got self esteem issue, which is a quality I normally like in a woman, but enough is enough. Let Brian get back to his pool cleaning business or whatever it is he's doing now and move on with your life. Did you get my emails? 15 more pictures of Megan Fox here Related Articles: Megan Fox Is So Hot, She Makes Me Sore Megan Fox's Loves Her Ass And So Do I! Megan Fox Is Still Hotter When Single Megan Fox's Cleavage Parade Continues Photos: Flynet