Megan Fox’s Body Could Be Yours

March 10th, 2009

Here's Megan Fox and her gorgeous tight little ass on her way to a production and effects studio in Burbank to have a body mold made for her upcoming movie role in ‘Transformers’. Did I hear that correctly? Somewhere out there is a life size mold of one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood today. Who do I speak to about getting a copy of this mold? I'll pay cash, I know a guy who does great things with latex, very life like. Don't worry, I'll make enough copies for everyone. For four easy payments of $499.99. Coming soon... Related Articles: Megan Fox Is So Hot, She Makes Me Sore Megan Fox's Sexy Ass Appears To Be Off The Market Megan Fox Is Still Hotter When Single Megan Fox's Cleavage Parade Continues Photos: Wenn