Hollywood Tuna’s Top Ten Babes Of 2012 – #3 Miley Cyrus

January 11th, 2013

Miley Cyrus

You may think Miley Cyrus is annoying. You may also think she has zero talent, but there is no denying that in 2012 she stepped up her game and has become a serious hot piece. Some of you, myself included, thought she was nuts when she cut and dyed her hair blond, but after a few weeks it grew on me, and in my opinion made her even sexier. A few years back, I’d never have thought I’d be including her in my Hollywood Tuna’s Top Ten Babes Of The Year, but she surprised me and I keep looking forward to the next slutty outfit she makes an appearance in.

Hollywood Tuna’s Top Ten Babes Of 2012

10- Micaela Schaefer
9- Hayden Panettiere
8- Ashley Tisdale
7- Rihanna
6- Selena Gomez
5- Sara Jean Underwood
4- Christina Hendricks
3- Miley Cyrus

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