Hollywood Tuna’s Top Ten Babes Of 2012 – #2 Kate Upton

January 14th, 2013

Kate Upton

I’m sure you guys thought I’d give Kate Upton the title of Hollywood Tuna’s Babe of 2012, but unfortunately Kate’s popularity has peaked. And let’s be honest folks, there’s another model just around the corner who is hotter and once I notice her, Kate will be forgotten. That’s the downside of being just a pretty face with big tits and no talents. Nonetheless, Kate gave us a very interesting year with some of the best and most popular posts. And for that we thank her.

Hollywood Tuna’s Top Ten Babes Of 2012

10- Micaela Schaefer
9- Hayden Panettiere
8- Ashley Tisdale
7- Rihanna
6- Selena Gomez
5- Sara Jean Underwood
4- Christina Hendricks
3- Miley Cyrus
2- Kate Upton

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