Geri Halliwell’s Got Sweet Cleavage

March 24th, 2009

Geri Halliwell is one of those girls who one day is as hot hell and the other is looking like f#cking shit, she’s never consistent. I guess that’s because she’s not a natural beauty and it takes a lot more effort for her to look so good. Anyway, here she is at the World Premiere of 'The Boat That Rocked' looking pretty damn tasty in that cleavage revealing dress. Enjoy it while it lasts, just don't hold your breath. 10 more pictures of Geri Halliwell here Related Articles: Geri Halliwell's Breasts Are Encouraging Even More Geri Halliwell Bikini Pictures More Geri Halliwell Bikini Pictures Geri Halliwell Bikini Pictures Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Wenn